High-Level Briefings and Meetings

Team members are often invited to share about the Millennium Cohort Study and research findings at high level briefings and meetings.

Title Date/Location
2011 Annual Meeting of the National Cancer Institute Cohort Consortium 25 October 2011, Boston, MA
90th American Legion National Convention 21-28 August 2008
91st American Legion National Convention 21-27 August 2009
AFHSC and USU Symposium on Assessing Potentially Hazardous Environmental Exposures Among Military Populations 18-22 May 2010
American Legion 2009 Department Service Officer's School Brief 27 February 2009
American Psychiatric Association 22-26 May 2010
Assistant Secretary DoD Health Affairs, Dr. S. Ward Casscells May 2008
Assistant Secretary DoD Health Affairs, Dr. S. Ward Casscells June 2008
Australian Military Medicine Association Conference 17-19 October, 2008
Biomarkers Conference 11-15 September 2012
BUMED Wounded Ill and Injured Meeting 31 July 2014, San Diego, CA
Centre for Military and Veterans Health, Australia 28 September 2007
Cohort Consortium 4 November 2010
Defense Health Board Meeting. 10 February 2016, San Diego, CA
Defense Health Board Vaccine Safety, Effectiveness, and Surveillance Working Group to the Infectious Disease Control Subcommittee 2 June 2008
Defense Health Board's Public Health Subcomittee Meeting 7 April 2014
DoD/VA Deployment Health Working Group: DoD and VA Responses to Environmental Exposure Incidents in the Military: Registries, Medical Surveillance, and Epidemiological Research 6 December 2010
DoD/VA Working Group 24 February 2010
Exposome Brief 25-26 February 2010
Financial Stress and Behavioral Health in MilitaryServicemembers: Risk, Resilience, Mechanisms and Targets for Intervention 3-4 Nov, 2015, Silver Spring, MD